Last Filming Of 2009 – Set Report

Thanks again to our man on the Island, Ryan, here is a set report and photos. Thanks to Judy for the heads up.

Today is the last day of “LOST” production for the year, with most of the cast and crew taking a break until Jan. 10, 2010. Most of this week, they were working at Police Beach on the North Shore, but there were a few location shoots closer to town. More on those to come in our next “LOST” podcast, but as a holiday treat, a lucky fan has just shared some remarkable photos from a set visit on Monday.

From Darin the Pharmacist, who was in town for the Honolulu Marathon, comes these pictures from a shoot at the Ko’olau Golf Club in Kane’ohe. On the set were Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Anthony Azizi (Omar), Kevin Durand (Keamy), and Andrew Divoff (Mikhail).

Full Reports and Photos

Source: Hawaii Blog